Cycle To Work

So you have decided to get a bike to get fitter and healthier, so you will start by cycling to work. Why not save money and the environment simultaneously by ditching the car and jumping on your company’s cycle to work scheme.

The Cycle to Work Scheme provides an entrance to the cycling world as the most affordable, most efficient Government incentive to connect people to a healthier lifestyle. You can get a quality bike of your choice with huge savings, savings which have been made possible by the Government’s ‘ Green Transport Plan’. The plan aims to get more people to cycle to work creating a smaller carbon footprint whilst feeling more like a better you. Save money on your bike and cycling safety equipment to ensure your journey to and from work is a smooth ride. 

Cycle to work takes advantage of a generous tax allowance made available in the Government’s Green Transport Plan. This plan has been set up specifically to promote the use of bikes as an alternative mode of transport to your car, van or motorcycle. There is a substantial investment being made to develop and improve local cycle routes in order to make cycling to and from work a safer and happier commute. The aim of Cycle to Work is to get more people cycling on a regular basis, whether this is your first taste of cycling or getting back on the bike again. Taking part within the scheme will ease traffic congestion, reduce pollution to the environment and you will also be encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect as an employer:

  • Employees Well-being - A healthier workforce will lead to a better performance at work and in turn will mean there are fewer sick days being taken.
  • Better Image For Your Business - If you are seen promoting alternative transport initiatives, this will show you have a keen interest in the local community and pressing environmental issues.
  • Less Congestion - A cycle to work scheme means fewer spaces will be needed for workplace parking, so finding that car parking space won’t be so hard after all.
  • Reduced Overheads - Cycle to work will save you money as an employer because your wage bill will go down which means lower payroll overheads. You gain and so do your employees!

And as an employee you can expect these benefits:

  • Huge Savings! - Employees can expect to save hundreds of pounds off the retail cost of a bike and accessories. 
  • So Much Choice - Our store is home to a variety of big name independent brands from the  UK.
  • Professional Advice - You can feel comfortable in our store knowing you and your bike are in good hands with our qualified professionals. 

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